Jaw/Orthognathic Surgery

The definition of Orthognathic means ‘straight jaw’. Often a patient may visit the orthodontist to have their teeth straightened and obtain a better and healthier bite. However, there are a small group of patients that will require the expertise of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to help the orthodontist get the bite correct. This is because not only are the teeth crooked but also the jaws themselves are not in correct alignment. A growth problem, traumatic injury or pathologic process of the upper, lower or both jaws are common causes of this problem. Therefore, even if the orthodontist could get the teeth straight, the bite would still not come together because the upper and lower jaw bones are not aligned.


Orthognathic Surgery

Patients who can benefit from orthognathic surgery include those with an improper bite or jaws that are not positioned correctly. These are often individuals with upper or lower jaws that are too big, too small or crooked or bites that are too deep, open or stepped. The goal of the surgery is to balance the skeleton and bite, which improves function, speech, breathing, chewing and esthetics.


Several surgical techniques have been developed that allow Dr. Ebrahimi to reposition the upper, lower or both jaws:

LeFort I Maxillary Osteotomy: Used to move upper jaw into any position.

Mandibular Sagittal Split Osteotomy : Used to move the lower jaw forward or backward.

Anterior Mandibular horizontal osteotomy: Used to adjust the chin to stay in alignment with the rest of the face.


Other members of the dental team are necessary to obtain an optimal result. Therefore, all patients that require corrective jaw surgery to align the jaws will require:

DENTIST: To make sure that the teeth and supporting structures are in excellent health

ORTHODONTIST: To straighten the teeth before surgery and refine the bite once the bones are healed

ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEON: To surgically reposition the jaws


Scheduling an Orthognathic Appointment

Please contact our office directly to schedule an orthognathic consultation appointment with Dr. Ebrahimi (416-232-9757). The initial consultation appointment is typically two hours long. If you are under the age of 18 we request that a parent or guardian accompany you to the appointment.




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